Pega Medical

Activate the change

Present in more than 40 countries, Pega Medical already donates part of its production of pediatric orthopaedic implants to populations in need. The Canadian biomedical firm sought to maximize its contribution to children with genetic bone disease in developing countries, while engaging its employees, business partners and customers, the orthopaedic surgeons. How do we transform this biomedical firm into an activator of change for the benefit of children with disabilities?

Umalia in action
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Definition of the CSR vision with senior management
  • Development of an evolving CSR strategy that transforms stakeholders into agents of change and makes Pega Medical the catalyst for their shared commitment to children with disabilities.
This collaboration led to :
  • Increased beneficial impact on children with disabilities
  • Better access to global biomedical breakthroughs and new market opportunities for Pega Medical
  • Greater engagement of employees and other stakeholders
  • A gain in image for Pega Medical, which will be perceived as an innovative CSR company