Better Narrative

Ethics as their North Star

Better Narrative is a start-up born in 2018 with the desire to transform the apparel industry. Deeply rooted in ethics and sustainability, this start-up is fundamentally anchored in sustainable development and has sought to establish the right foundations for governance and planning. It is anchoring its values within its business model at the very beginning of its adventure, with questions focused on different key building blocks:

- Methodology and strategy: How do we establish our strategy and operational plan to achieve our mission and vision?

- Stakeholder engagement: How do we engage our stakeholders and make this project 'our common project'?
 - End-of-life product solutions: How do we think about and manage the end-of-life of our products in order to develop concrete solutions to move towards a circular economy?

 - Partnerships: Who would we like to engage with in order to advance our business model and increase our impact?

Umalia in action

    - Through co-creation workshops, development of the raison d'être/mission/vision, strategic plan and operational plan.
    - Development of the 'end-of-life' strategy Inventory, analysis and proposal of potential partnerships 
    - Development of the Sustainable Development Strategy


This collaboration has made possible:

    - The establishment of Better Narrative as a responsible company, anchoring its foundations in operations and business processes and making them a steering tool, the compass for decision making...
    - Strategic alignment for organizational development
    - Stakeholder engagement including employees
    - An organized strategy leading to market capture in the first year
    - The commitment of its retailers
    - Visibility and marketing success, a direct consequence of positioning
    - Winning of the ISPO Sustainability Achievement Award in 2020