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Meaning, anchor and impact. The winning formula according to Umalia.

Umalia supports leaders who seek to have a greater societal impact by aligning their values and ideals with their practices in order to contribute to a better world while promoting their development and profitability.

Our approach

We adapt our approach and tools to the resources and realities of the organization while deploying a strong methodological framework that guarantees the smooth running, follow-up and results of the project. all the text you want.


  • Through meaning we seek relevance and coherence in relation to the context and the organization. We believe in the richness of consultation and integrate the different stakeholders from the very beginning of the project design.


  • Anchoring allows us to consolidate and concretize a vision by integrating it at the very core of the organization, in its strategies, business practices, investments, partnerships, etc.


  • The objective of any reflection on societal engagement is to have a positive impact on the organization, its ecosystem and society.

Our Services


Umalia works with organizations to build development strategies that combine profitability and societal impact.

  • Strategic Planning anchored in the purpose of the organization and its leaders

  • Societal engagement strategy (call it what you want: sustainable development, CSR, social responsibility, purpose, social impact... we're aiming for the same thing!)

  • Certification B-Corp


Umalia creates spaces for the emergence of individual and collective meaning for greater impact.

  • Stakeholder consultation

  • Employee Volunteer Programs

  • Foundation & NPOs Programs  

  • Sustainable Development training modules


Umalia brings together stakeholders from all sectors of society sharing a common vision and builds with them the strong links that will enable them to face complexity together.

  • Ecosystem design and development

  • Design and implementation of multi-sectoral partnerships


Umalia applies her 'Greater Meaning. Greater Impact.' approach to the major changes and reflections that shape organizations.

  • Restructuring

  • Designing of transformation plans

  • Implementation of transformation plans

  • Impact measurement


Umalia participates and provokes dialogue on these themes by creating privileged platforms for exchanges focused on the identification of viable solutions.

  • Breakfast

  • Workshops

  • Presentations to Boards of Directors

If you would like to initiate this dialogue with your ecosystem or peers, please contact us.