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In this fast-moving world, Stimulus invites you to take the time to have a closer look at a societal topic on which we provide an engagement perspective.

Summer 2019

The tide is turning in favor of social engagement

It was 22 October 2015, and Mayer Vafi, who was in Copenhagen for Fashion Week, stumbled upon an artist's sidewalk display depicting our planet flooded with plastic bottles with a simple question and answer in large print: "Who will send an SOS to humanity? I will."

Spring 2018

Private sector caught between megatrends and complexity

Today, our interconnectedness means that problems must be addressed systemically, rather than one challenge at a time.

Spring 2017

When 1+1 = 1: the power of partnerships inspired by common goals

Determining the space for multi-sectoral partnership - the intersection of business interests, societal interests and organizational capacities - is critical to ensuring sustainable change.

Spring 2016

Change management is at the heart of achieving sustainable CSR results

Many organizations enter into new initiatives with the magical thought that they will solve or correct internal structural problems.

Spring 2015

A new publication on societal engagement as a lever for innovation and growth

The private sector remains one of the main actors capable of creating sustainable and viable change.