A few words from our clients...

"Working with Umalia has allowed us to better target our communications and realize how much our sustainable development initiatives are of interest to our suppliers and customers. The result? Our employees are proud of the organization's commitment and we feel the impact we have in our community."
Pierre Thivierge
– CFO - Quadra Chemicals & President - Octium Solutions
"One of our best decisions? Working with Lucie Bourgeois of Umalia to write the foundation for Better Narrative as a responsible company. The document is my North Star, which I base all my decisions on."
Mayer Vafi, Co-founder
- Better Narrative Extract from the article
"Des manteaux faits de plastique recyclé"
"Umalia made me realize how much more consistent, aligned and engaging my leadership can be when we look at both the societal impact and the business impact, for example in a strategic planning exercise."
Martin Dufresne, President and Managing Partner, Walter Global Asset Management (formerly Executive Vice President and Head of Institutional Markets - Fiera Capital Corporation).