Greater meaning.

Greater impact.

Our mission is to create sustainable positive business and
societal impact.

Define, engage, mobilize, inspire, transform... Discover our services!
A new B Corp company in Quebec : Umalia!
In this post-Covid 19 period Umalia helps you to redefine the lines of a more responsible economic rebound.
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Our engagement
Umalia was created on a fundamental conviction that we embody daily
Boost ecosystem and peers to open dialogue, share practices and inspire change
Whether it is to leave our mark, exercise our social responsibility, humanize our organization or change the course of things in a sustainable and coherent manner, corporate social engagement proves to be a powerful strategic tool.

Our outreach

(Canada, USA)
  • Strategic planning 'Greater meaning. Greater impact'.

  • Community Investment Strategies, ESG, Sustainability and CSR

  • Employee Volunteer Programs

  • Mobilization of private partners

  • Programs for private foundations

  • Training modules on sustainable development

  • Innovation labs combining societal impact and profit

(Benin, Maroc, RDC, Senegal)
  • Vision and municipal planning development

  • Multisectoral consultation framework

  • Multisectoral partnerships for climate change resilience and sanitation

  • Generation of economic activity for vulnerable communities and private enterprises, strengthening of micro-entrepreneurship

  • Multisectoral Partnership for the performance of a National Women's Union

  • Global strategy for sustainable development and CSR

  • Community investment strategy

(Central America, Belize, Colombia)
  • Multisectoral partnership for reducing food waste

  • Assessment of responsible business practices

  • Conferences on CSR, societal impact, innovation and multisectoral partnerships

  • Penetration of new markets in Central America thanks to societal engagement

"They're on board with us..."

That's good news! Over the years we have seen our clients and partners diversify. Awareness has reached all sectors of society. Regardless of your size, industry, geography, or organizational maturity, you can review your practices for better performance and a more positive societal impact.