Fiera Capital

When finance, meaning and performance come together.

Fiera Capital is an independent asset management firm known for its rapid growth through acquisitions. A strategic planning exercise led Fiera Capital to seek to evolve its organizational effectiveness to meet this dynamic. Alignment, the sharing of a common vision and better collaboration of the various functions were necessary elements to ensure organizational performance.

Umalia in action
When beginning the strategic planning work with Umalia, questions about organizational performance led this company to reflect on employee and stakeholder engagement. This reflection was built around anchoring the business model in Fiera Capital's role and place in the society as well as its potential contribution. The recognition of the importance of societal meaning and impact for employees - particularly the new generation - and for clients has had a significant impact on the methodology, content and implementation of this strategic plan.
  • Data review
  • Multifunctional strategic planning workshops: participatory approach
  • Inclusion of reflection on the identity, purpose and role of the company in society
  • Strategic plan design
  • Change management workshops and operationalization of the strategic plan over the next 3 years
  • Support for the implementation of the strategic plan
  • Mid-term review of the strategic plan to ensure alignment and governance review
This collaboration led to :
  • A clear vision and strategic plan that brings together all stakeholders and sets out a critical three-year path
  • Involvement of all, which has increased the commitment and collaboration of employees across the various departments
  • Awareness of the social role this company plays for its institutional clients and possibly for the general public
  • The redefinition of the positioning of the service offer giving a new societal perspective that engaged customers beyond the technical proposal