NTD Apparel

Ethics as a red thread

Globalization of operations, increased competition and pressure on productivity, awareness of the importance of ethical sourcing: NTD Apparel, Canada's leader in the licensed and trademarked apparel sector, faces multiple challenges in its industry.

The company wanted to ethically address the need for organizational change and take the opportunity to strengthen employee engagement and CSR culture internally.

Umalia in action
  • Change Management Plan
  • Support during the implementation and follow-up phases
  • Senior management and employee engagement programs
  • Resource Development Programs
The collaboration with NTD Apparel led to :
  • Significant improvement in key performance indicators
  • Increased organizational effectiveness
  • Greater employee engagement
  • The affirmation of leadership by managers and leaders
  • Ownership of change within teams
  • Consistent change management, in line with the company's strategy and values
  • Critical initiatives delivered on time and within budget