Agro-food global company

Towards sustainable food production.

This company is a global importer and distributor of fruit and vegetables, including organic and fair trade bananas in Europe.  Like all players in the food industry, this company faces significant pressure from stakeholders and consumers regarding sustainable and responsible development.

Our client therefore needed a solid, clear and engaging strategy, integrating Sustainable Development and CSR. In order to go further in its fair trade approach, the company needed to reflect more deeply on the importance and the way to engage with the communities in which it operates. In order to maximize this reflection and its commitment, it was necessary to align itself at the global level and ensure the coherence of the different societal impact strategies already in place.

Umalia in action
In collaboration with its partner Corinne Adam Consulting Services Inc, Umalia has carried out the:
  • Diagnosis of current practices at all levels (human rights, labour relations and working conditions, environment, good practices and compliance, consumers and stakeholders, communities, responsible governance, etc.).
  • Benchmarking of ecosystem best practices
  • Consultation with internal and external stakeholders
  • Participatory workshops across functions and countries
  • Conceptualization of the strategy and implementation plan
  • Development of the Community Investment Strategy
  • Conceptualization of a signature program
This collaboration has led to:
  • A broad awareness on the subject of Sustainable Development and CSR
  • Employee enthusiasm and commitment to the strategy,
  • Strengthen inter-regional collaboration
  • A clear, well-identified and communicated strategy with specific pillars, actions and performance indicators
  • A community investment strategy including multi-sectoral partnerships and a signature program
  • Increased collaboration with clients and communities in terms of societal impact