A new B Corp company in Quebec: Umalia!

Article published on
August 25, 2020

A new B Corp company in Quebec: Umalia!

Since Umalia's creation, we have been living our mission according to the principles we promote, namely that profit can and must go hand in hand with the company's societal mission. We are proud to announce that our B Corp certification received in June 2020 validates and confirms this conviction.
"Umalia was founded with the same convictions and basic principles that animated the founders of the B Corp certification. Today, this certification reaffirms our mission and our fundamental desire to continuously progress towards more inclusive, sustainable and responsible organizations and society. We believe that the organizations of the future will all benefit from including this perspective in all aspects of their business model and that is why Umalia exists. »
Lucie Bourgeois, Founding President of Umalia


B Corp: what is it?

B Corp certified companies are organizations that meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and legal responsibility in order to balance profits and societal impact. The B Corp certification is one tool among others to promote the actions carried out by the company in terms of societal commitment, and it is an increasingly interesting tool because of its growing recognition in Quebec and internationally.

Today, there are over 3000 B Corp companies in more than 130 industries and 60 countries. This is a powerful community of small and large companies that aim to redefine business success.

At the time of our certification, we were honored to obtain a score of 128 points in the BIA (Business Impact Assessment), which places us among the "outstanding" companies on the B Corp scale (80 being the score allowing certification, 55 being the average score of the 80,000 who have already taken the test).


Certification is not an end in itself

With its system of validation every 3 years, this certification is not an end in itself but an incentive to go one step further.

Wherever you are in your reflection on the societal impact -the extra-financial impact - of your organization, the questions asked to obtain the certification are an excellent reflection tool to reposition yourself and rethink your practices in terms of governance, customers, employees, community and environment. Whether your primary concern is societal impact, financial performance, risk management or the resilience of your organization in the face of the upheavals we are currently experiencing, these pragmatic and strategic questions make sense for any company in the 21st century.


And if, during this reflection, you find out that you would like to enter into a certification process, we would be pleased to accompany you in this journey. That said, in order to anchor your commitment to sustainable results, we recommend making B corp certification a milestone in a strategic approach and a broader vision.