Climat'Eau: the documentary

Article published on
October 21, 2022

Since its first year- it has already been 10 years! - Umalia has been engaged with a Beninese community, in Sô-Ava, to put its skills at the service of a community committed to fighting the effects of climate change.

This collaboration led in 2017 to a large-scale multisector partnership, made possible thanks to funding from Fonds Vert Québec and the Government of Quebec's International Climate Cooperation Program.

This partnership, named Climat'Eau, was a real learning experience for all the organizations and hundreds of people who participated in it. Although the project ended in the middle of a pandemic, it was impossible for us not to share the results of this experience.

This is why, with the collaboration of Montreal filmmaker Olivier Côté, we have put together a short documentary in which we hope to share the results and lessons learned from this rich and luminous multisector partnership.

The entire Umalia team as well as key project partners would be delighted to share their experience and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us!

Umalia would like to thank all those who made this project possible, starting with the main partners:

• Collective of CivilSociety Organizations of Sô-Ava

• Town Hall of Sô-Ava

• Ecofixe Technologies

• Laval University

We also thank the other key partners of the Climat'Eau ecosystem:

• Communal Union of Producers

• The three Climate Change Committees

• Abomey Calavi University

• INRAB - National Institute of Agricultural Research of Benin 

• Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries   

• Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development

• Ministry of Health

And all the participants without whom this project could not have been carried out:

• The population of Sô-Ava   

•  Local suppliers and contractors

Find more information about our collaboration with the community of Sô-Ava on our page "Our own engagement".